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  • The database management system is comprised of three components: important database terminology, types of databases, and the elements of SQL.
  • If you have access to a relational DBMS during class time, you can demonstrate several of the concepts presented in this section. Section 5. 2, “Database Management System” Database design and management requirements for database systems are introduced.
  • Help your students see how a logical design allows them to analyze and understand the data from a business perspective, while physical design shows how the database is arranged on direct access storage devices.
  • Your students will need guidance from you to complete this activity, but it will help them see and understand the logical design process. Section 5. 3, “Using Databases to Improve Business Performance and Decision Making” This section focuses on how data technologies are actually used: data warehouses, data marts, business intelligence, multidimensional data analysis, and data mining.
  • Data Management
  • Several indexes categorize the profiles entered into CODIS:• Convicted Offender: Contains profiles of individuals convicted of crimes• Forensic: Contains DNA profiles developed from crime scene evidence, such as semen stains or blood• Arrestees: Contains profiles of arrested persons (if state law permits the collection of arrestee samples)• Missing Persons: Contains DNA reference profiles from missing persons• Unidentified Human Remains: Contains DNA profiles developed from unidentified human remains.
  • In its initial phases, MySpace operated with two Web servers communicating with one database server and a Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • MySpace later installed a layer of servers between the database servers and the Web servers to store and serve copies of frequently accessed data objects so that the site’s Web servers wouldn’t have to query the database servers with lookups as frequently 2.
  • Software skills: Database design; querying and reporting Business skills: Customer profiling Redesign Dirt Bikes’ customer database so that it can store and provide the information needed for marketing.
  • You will need to develop a design for the new customer database and then implement that design using database software.
  • Improving Operational Excellence, Building a Relational Database for Inventory Management Software skills: Database design, querying and reporting Business Skills: Inventory Management This exercise requires that students know how to create queries and reports using information from multiple tables.
  • A database management system (DBMS) is a specific type of software for creating, storing, organizing, and accessing data from a database.
  • Data Linked
  • The principal capabilities of a DBMS include data definition language, data dictionary, and data manipulation language. • The data definition language specifies the structure and content of the database. • The data dictionary is an automated or manual file that stores information about the data in the database, including names, definitions, formats, and descriptions of data elements. • The data manipulation language, such as SQL, is a specialized language for accessing and manipulating the data in the database. 3.
  • Information policy lays out specific procedures and accountabilities, identifying which users and organizational units can share information, where information can be distributed, and who is responsible for updating and maintaining the information.
  • These responsibilities include developing information policy, planning for data, overseeing logical database design and data dictionary development, and monitoring how information systems specialists and end-user groups use data.

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